Interview with senior scientist Stephanie Seneff on glyphosate and the pineal gland by Githa Ben-David

Lars Muhl meets rabbi Even Israel

Lars Muhl meets rabbi Even Israel at the Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem 2014.

The Song of Solomon by Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl meets his friend, Shlomo Halutz, a biblical tour guide and researcher in Magdala 2014.

Cameraman Ami Shamir’s testimony on The Gate of Light

Ami Shamir who was cameraman on Lars Muhl's short film "The Gate of Light" tells about the wonderful experience he had while filming Lars in Cave 4 at Qumran

Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

A talk with Rupert Sheldrake and Lars Muhl

Interview with publisher Michael Mann

Denne video handler om The Michael Mann - Interview

Doterra 1

Denne video handler om Doterra 1

Interview with Lakha Lama

March 2015